Our Story

Why Dough & Spice?

Our company is family owned and operated since 1996. We make small batches to insure the quality of the product. We also add garlic to our dough and there are no preservatives in our product which makes it as close to home made as you can get using machinery. We have the knowledge and experience to help guide our customers with any issues they may have with making pizza.


Our History

Our company started in 1993 at our store Pepperoni’s Pizza and Deli. Our pizza dough was made daily and when the dough was mixing you could smell it throughout the store. We started to make dough for a restaurant at a golf course and soon after other restaurant’s followed, the demand was so great that in 1996 we closed Pepperoni’s to concentrate on dough production. The company has been growing ever since. We have moved twice and are now settled into the building that we are currently in.